dental-diseaseTalking to APP, here on Tuesday Assistant Professor Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Institute of the Dentistry of LUMHS Professor Dr. Kashif Ali Channar said that the periodontal disease is a major reason for losing teeth, but there are some factors that appear to increase the risk.

Dr. Kashif Ali Channar further said that the whitening teeth with bleach is a dangerous practice and many doctors do it for money, which is not only a risk to the patient’s health but also an illegal way to make money and the dentists should inform their patients properly about the side effects of the procedure they are about to go through, he added.

About the diet, Dr. Kashif Ali said that the reduce consumption and, especially, frequency of intake of food and drink containing sugar should be consumed only as part of a meal, snacks and drinks should be free of sugars and avoid frequent consumption of acidic drinks.

He said that the oral and dental health is integral part of overall good health, and dental caries is the most common chronic infectious disease of adult and childhood.

Proff Channar said that dental patients with severe dental caries may experience chronic oral pain and infection, be malnourished and suffer from low self-esteem because of missing or defective teeth.

He suggested that the sugars, particularly non-milk sugars in items other than fresh fruits and vegetables, are the major dietary causes of caries and frequency of intake is more important than the amount.

About the pyorrhea, he informed that dental caries and gum diseases are common in our society and the two most common dental diseases, which have prevailed in our society, are the decay of teeth and pyorrhea.

About the causes of this Pyorrhea Professor Dr. Kashif Ali informed that the causes of pyorrhea include health problems, improper diet, eating the wrong food, excess sugar and general unhealthy lifestyle choices and the disease is also often related to a deficiency of vitamin C, calcium and folic acid.

He said that considering the plaque forms on teeth as quickly as four hours after brushing the best method in preventing pyorrhea and periodontal diseases in general is through daily brushing and flossing with additional professional cleaning but surgical treatment may be required in instances of pyorrhea.

He further informed about the calcium that the lack of Vitamin C is just one of the causes of sick gums and more important is of balance of minerals.

Dr. Kashif Ali Channar said that the meager amount is being spent in public sector on research work and there is need for private sector to come forward and invest the required amount in research work.

Dr. Kashif Ali Channar advised the people who brush and floss regularly, use fluoride mouthwash, limit snacks and sweet drinks and visit the dentist twice a year.

He further suggested people that they visiting the dentist twice a year for a complete dental checkup and cleaning is imperative for maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile and dental health. It’s especially important for women who take birth control pills, who are pregnant or menopausal, for they have an increased susceptibility to oral care problems such as gum disease, tooth decay and cavities, he added.

Dr. Kashif Ali said that the use of the advanced technologies now become the need of the hour so that the medical community of the country could be able to find out new vistas in their respective fields and meet the challenges of the modern world.

He said that 95 percent of dental diseases can be prevented with proper care. –APP

By: Sammaa Web Desk

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