Admission Requirements

Individuals applying for our central Austin dental assisting school are required to:

1. All ages welcome to apply but must be 18 before starting class

2. Present proof of secondary education (high school diploma or GED certification)

3. Prior to enrollment in the Star of Texas Dental Assisting School, it will be the students responsibility to present written proof from a physician that they have either

      • (1) Completed the Hepatitis B vaccination or
      • (2) Have begun the Hepatitis B vaccination or
      • (3) Have been antibody tested and shown to be immune to the Hepatitis B virus.

The Star of Texas Dental Assisting School cannot accept a student into the program who has not shown written evidence of this requirement.

4. Sign a HIPAA and OSHA release form

5. Any student with previous education and training will not be accorded any credit or fee/price adjustment toward this program but placement in externships will vary for those with more experience and/or subject hours in a particular area