Subject Description: Star of Texas Dental Assisting School combines theory and clinical training to strengthen students into highly skilled dental assistants upon graduation.

Subject Hours: 196 clock hours (48 hours lecture/theory, 48 hours clinical/lab, and 100 externship clock hours)

Performance Objectives:

      • Systematically collect diagnostic data
      • Competent in the knowledge and skill required to perform a variety of clinical supportive treatments
      • Competent in the knowledge and skill required to perform a variety of business office procedures
      • Understand content at the in-depth level about bloodborne pathogens and hazard communications standards through didactic, preclinical, laboratory and clinical components of our curriculum
      • In-depth level understanding of oral anatomy
      • Knowledge of properties, uses and manipulation of dental materials
      • In-depth level understanding of dental radiology
      • Demonstrate competence in exposing diagnostically acceptable full-mouth dental image surveys
      • Gain clinical experience assisting a dentist
                  • Competence in performing dental assisting functions

Prerequisites: None

Required Textbooks:
• “Modern Dental Assisting.” 11th edition. By Doni Bird and Debbie Robinson
• “Student Workbook for Modern Dental Assisting.” 11th edition. By Doni Bird and Debbie Robinson
• “Dental Instruments: A Pocket Guide.” 5th edition. By Linda R. Bartolomucci Boyd

Instructional Methods: 1. Lecture/Theory
2. Overhead Powerpoints
3. Anatomical Charts
4. Anatomical Models
5. Clinical Training

Maximum Student: Instructor Ratio: 30:1

Materials and Media References:
• “Introduction to Dental Assisting: Basic Training.” 2004. Video by ADA
• “Practice Communication Skills Module 3 – Team Roles and Responsibilities.” 2008. Video by Nobel Institute.
• “Dental Assistant’s Guide for Implant Surgery: Set-up, Protocols, and Procedures.” 2010. Video by Nobel Biocare.
• “TDA Dental Assistant Registration Course Manual: A Radiology, Infection Control, and Jurisprudence Review.” 2006. TDA.
• “The ADA Practical Guide to HIPPA Training.” 2011. American Dental Association.
• “OSHA and CDC Guidelines: Interact Training System.” 3rd edition. 2008. By OSAP: Dentistry’s Resource for Infection Control and Safety.
• “Torres and Ehrlich Modern Dental Assisting.” 9th edition. 2009. By Doni Bird and Debbie Robinson.
• “Torres and Ehrlich Modern Dental Assisting Student Workbook.” 9th edition.

Weekly Content Outline:
Week 1: Professionalism, Dentition, and Dental Caries
Week 2: Infection Prevention in Dentistry
Week 3: Occupational Health and Safety
Week 4: Patient Information and Assessment
Week 5: Foundation of Clinical Dentistry
Week 6: Radiographic Imaging
Week 7: Dental Materials
Week 8: Assisting in Comprehensive Dental Care: General Dentistry, Prosthodontics, Implants
Week 9: Assisting in Comprehensive Dental Care: Endodontics, Periodontics, Oral Surgery
Week 10: Overview of RDA and Review of ADA Accreditation Mapping Guide
Week 11: Practice Test for RDA/Lab Test
Week 12: Final Exam – Written and Clinical

Basis of Grades:
Quizzes 50%
Final 25%
Externship/Evaluation 25%

View: Equipment and Instruments