Satisfactory Progress

Attendance (see absences, tardies, leaves of absence and make-up sessions)
Attitude 25%
Grades (see grading system) 25%
Review of Internship/Externship Report 25%
Total %: 100%


Required for graduation of this course: 75%
Progress Reports and daily testing will keep the student aware of their progress.
Transcripts will be available to prospective employers and to students upon request and without charge for the first copy.

Statement of Assurance

The program, curriculum and instruction are of such quality, content, and length as may reasonably and adequately achieve the stated objective for the Dental Assisting School that is offered here at the Star of Texas Dental Assisting School.

There is in the school adequate space, equipment, instructional material, and instructor personnel to provide training of good quality.

Education and experience qualifications of director and instructors Dental Assisting School in Austinmeet the minimum requirements.

The school complies with all local, city, county, municipal state and federal regulations, such as fire, building and sanitation codes.

The school is financially sound and capable of fulfilling its commitments for training.

The school’s director and instructors are of good reputation and character.

A Master Student Registration List will be maintained.